Hello. How are you doing?

The past few months for me have been interesting. I imagine they’ve been the same way for the rest of the world so I decided to do a little check in with you guys.

About those things we planned to achieve in quarantine, things are starting to taper down all across the world, how did those go? Any new certificates? Have you got that new language down? Are you happier? (I hope that you are.) Whatever the case may be though, if you’re reading this it means you’re alive and that is something good.

I don’t know if I mentioned to you guys but I wanted to get quarantine abs and another little project done during the time. I didn’t achieve either of the two but I’m glad I’m around today. I was initially bummed but I figured, “I’m alive, I can try again!” which is exactly what I have been up to recently. Back in the heat of things I found a two week ab challenge on YouTube which I was doing diligently for a week. Now hold on one second, before you scoff at my measly one week of intense ab workouts I’ll have you know that before taking on this ab challenge I had been doing different ab routines every day since the beginning of the year and there were times I thought I did see those lines forming. So, you can imagine that I was really excited to try this two weeks challenge. Oh the things that could happen in two weeks! The world was not ready for me. It seemed doable and I was ready for dramatic change. That my friends, was how I started.

By the end of the first day I was pumped and looking forward to two weeks. This had to be one of the easiest challenges that there was. Perhaps, I should’ve found something more challenging.

The second day was good too. I enjoy working out so…

By the third day I couldn’t believe I still had four days till week one was over. These ab workouts surprisingly, were kicking my butt. When did this even start? (Breathe in, breathe out) You know what? I shall not be stopped.

The fourth day came and went and I dreaded the thought of day 5, 6, 7, and then “the unknown future”. Why me?!

By day five, I tell you I was offended. I couldn’t believe I was doing a hundred and eighty reps each of hip twists and plank runners, 45 reps each of four different style crunches, 180 seconds of planks and 90 second bicycles for my abs to not be ripped! Somebody was not telling me something.

When it was day six, the eyes of my understanding were enlightened. Whereas in the past I had loved leg raises and had nothing against hip twists, after six intense days of doing the same things over and over again for what seemed to be a million reps, I hated them.

And when that glorious seventh day was upon me, I knew for a certainty that there wasn’t going to be a second week of this utter punishment.

Nobody deserved this. I still workout of course, how could I stop? But I’m doing it at my own pace henceforth, and I’m going to be saying yes to rest days. So, I’m officially still on my solid ab journey. Can’t wait!

Then there’s that other thing that I was going to do. Just like abs in two weeks, this too turned out to be quite the challenge, contrary to what I had imagined. Still, I am undeterred. Since God has given me life, I can continue to try again, and again, for as many times till I get what I want. There is hope for all the living. I am confident that one day if I keep working towards what I want and don’t give up I will see my expectations become a reality as you would too if did the same.

I decided to share this to encourage somebody out there because I know that many of us are currently saying to ourselves, “wow, quarantine is over-ish and I don’t really have anything to show for all that time on my hands.” Even outside of quarantine, I know that some of us can be disheartened by the reality of our lives not being exactly as we would want it to be. I want you to know that even if it seems as though nothing you want is coming to you right now, hold on a while longer. Anything can happen at any second. Anything can change and you want to be around when they do for the better. As long as there’s breath in you, keep that hope alive too. One day, you’ll see everything fall into place.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope this was inspiring and encouraging for somebody. I would love to know the state of things in your own city, town, village, etc. Let’s talk about that in the comments. Meanwhile, I’m here for any other comments and questions you may have on this post. I’ll see you again soon. Peace out!

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