photo by luizclas from pexels

In 2014, a horrible disease known as the Ebola Virus made its grand entrance into the African continent and claimed several lives. It was indeed a terrifying moment for many even though jolly Nigerians created time to make jokes out of the situation with comedy skits of people jumping into wells to keep from being caught and infected by a carrier of the disease rumored to be roaming the streets wild and free. The idea of running and jumping into wells was to save their lives but their fear drove them to an irrational hiding place which in the end still killed them. The fear of catching the Ebola Virus also created an opportunity for greedy eyed people to invent the Ebola salt supposed to prevent a person from contracting the virus when drunk or added to bathing water. Many people hurt themselves more from the fear of Ebola and overdosing on salt than from actually contracting the virus. As terrible as it was, after a while the disease died down and life went back to normal.

In the 14th century, long before the Ebola Virus, the Black Death killed an estimated 50 million people in Africa, Asia, and Europe. 25-60% of Europe’s population was decimated during the plague. As we can imagine, it was a terrible time in history but even this came to an end after a while.

Now, the whole world has been thrown into a frenzy because of the COVID19 pandemic with good reason. There currently is no known cure for the disease and more people are contracting it every day. The only practical plan to prevent yourself from contracting the disease is to beef up your personal hygiene standards and practice social distancing which is why several countries of the world are currently on lockdown or are preparing to follow suit. I am confident however, as you should too that even this will pass with time.

In the meantime, I want to encourage everyone to stay strong and be of good courage because Jesus has overcome pandemics, fear, death, and the world. Even before all this chaos, he predicted in John 16.33 that in the world we would have tribulations, but he urges us to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world. He doesn’t want us to be afraid either, because even though there is evil all around, God is faithful to stablish and keep his people from evil (2Thess. 3.3). Remember the comedy skit where people drowned trying to run from Ebola. Fear does that to you. It takes away good reasoning and isn’t very good for your health either.

I started out this blog post reminding you of the black death and the Ebola Virus both of which were terrible diseases in their right and both of which we overcame because I want you to know that with God we have overcome this too.

While we wait for the Corona Virus to blow off, I want you to remain positive and to utilize all of this free time seeing it as a holiday from God. Those things that you otherwise would not have been able to do at home should become your project for the holiday. Keep in touch with loved ones and don’t forget to follow all the safety precautions stipulated by your government such as avoiding crowded places, staying at home, and maintaining good personal hygiene. A lot of people will need help during this period, especially to eat. You can help those that you can.

Make sure to stay strong and stay safe. Let me know in the comments below what you’re going to be doing during this COVID 19 holiday. God will keep us all. AMEN.


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