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The New Year’s celebration is very popular all across the world because it presents everybody with another chance at almost everything. It is a fresh start at life and is the perfect opportunity to re-adopt the previous year’s forsaken fitness goals, to start your natural hair journey, start a new business or whatever else would make your heart go woo-hoo. The excitement of being able to go at “it” again is what makes New Year’s resolutions, and intentions for the New Year so common. At the root of the matter really is that everybody wants to make progress. So, to help you with this objective, I have compiled 20 ways to improve your life in 2020. I will share with you today 10 ways and in the next post, I will deliver the next 10. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    The goal this year should be to give your best or nothing. Actually, not just this year but all the time. Excuses waste time (and time is money), steal morale and weaken your faith in yourself (meanwhile the truth is you really can handle whatever it is). Do whatever you need to do and make no excuses. Not because there will be nothing standing in your way or making things a little more difficult but because you have the capacity to handle anything.

When people worry or are nervous, it is usually about situations that involve them. You’d rarely find someone seriously anxious about how somebody else’s public speaking was embarrassingly executed. Many people are not this empathetic. So, if you find that you are constantly worrying about your problems, or are unhappy with yourself, perhaps, you might be thinking about yourself a little too much. Find somebody close to you and do something thoughtful for them. Doesn’t have to be big, just kind. It could be a plate of breakfast for your sister, or a helping hand wherever it’s needed. Occupy yourself with making people happy and remember that nobody’s life is problem free. Don’t let yours weigh you down. God can handle anything, give Him a try.

In 2020, you must decide to be the boss of your thoughts. Your thoughts shape who you are and should never be left to accept every idea. People can come to you with negative energy, disapproving words or ideas about who they think you are but only you have the power to accept and make those words real for you or to reject them and recognize that you’re bigger than their boxed up image of you. Don’t waste your thoughts on lies! Think the truth.


You’re never going to grow bigger than your fears if you keep running from them. Don’t let any fear cage you. A bully will go on harassing you as long as you continue to cower. If there’s anything you’ve been running from in the past, 2020 should be the year that you face it. Face your fear of the dark, face your fear of public speaking, face your fear of loving. Chase your intimidations. Rather than run from them, make them run from you.

You’ve got to be so confident about what you want in life that a “no” to any of your expectations will just not cut it for you. Imagine you are the child of very strict parents who had to work extra hard to send you to a really good school. If for any reason you get implicated for an offense that should get you suspended and have to plead with a “hall officer” so that you’re not sent to the higher authorities, say the sub dean who wouldn’t be very lenient, your pleading game is going to be top notch. A “no” in this scenario will just not do it for you because, how then do you face your parents? In the same vein, when you know what you want, you won’t flinch at nos. It’s a test and the question is “how badly do you want it”? You’ve got to want it enough to keep fighting until you get what you desire.

You need to have a vision for yourself. Know what you want at specific periods and plan ahead for them. As a blogger who would want to be consistent and deliver quality posts to my readers every Tuesday, I’m expected to prepare my posts before Tuesday comes upon me like a thief in the night. Since plans can fail, I am also expected to have more than one post ready because who knows, by Tuesday I might not like the topic I had planned and might want to post something else. Not only should you plan ahead, plan extra in case your original plan fails. Plan for unforeseen events. Make plans for the future now. It’s hard to fail when you’re prepared.

Only expect the best to happen to you, even if your past does not agree. Stop expecting the worst or imagining the worst case scenario. Believe that difficult situations will turn out in your favour. It is your mind after all. Choose to be happy and expect good things all the time. Refuse to let anything bring down your spirit. Nothing can take you down unless you let it.


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A good friend is an ally. We all need them. If you haven’t been very good with friendships in the past, 2020 is a good year to invest in one. You can’t always foretell who would be disposed to assist you in future so it’s wise to be kind and helpful to those we come across every day. The good you give will definitely come back to you one day.


Nobody moves forward by holding on to what is behind. You’re not going to be able to make any progress if you refuse to let go of the past. You must recognize that nobody is above mistakes. You should learn from them and move forward in life. You don’t need to keep punishing yourself and others for a mistake that was supposed to help you grow. Forgiveness is more for the forgiver than the other person.

What every person really desires in a new year is to make progress and do better than was done the previous year. I would love to be fluent in French. If I start taking French classes seriously this year, I would become better at my command of the French language than I was last year which would be progress for me. To make progress, you must first know what it is that you want. Then you must know or figure out what needs to be done to get what you want. The next step would be to put in the necessary effort required to achieve your dream. If you can do better than you were able to in the past, you’re already making progress.

These are 10 ways to improve your life in 2020. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, share and follow my blog for more posts like this. I will be sharing 10 extra tips next week that would help improve your life in 2020. If you have any helpful tips that you would be trying this New Year for life improvement, please share your ideas with me in the comments below. I love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “20 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IN 2020

  1. These are all really great! The one about facing your fears and not being afraid of people saying no really resonated with me because I used to be one of those people who was always afraid to try something but now I try to step out of my comfort zone a lot more and it’s been amazing!

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    1. That’s great Pooja. Fear is a chain. It holds us back and if we never get things done in spite of how we feel, we’ll never be able to reach out full potential. Thank you for your comment! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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